Le Thi Nguyet Minh

Le Thi Nguyet Minh

Dr. Minh Le received a Ph.D. degree in Computational and Systems Biology from Singapore-MIT Alliance, trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital for 5 years. She returned to NUS as an Assistant Professor in 2019. Dr. Le is well recognized for her contributions to the fields of extracellular vesicles and cancer biology. Her group has recently developed a strategy to harness extracellular vesicles from red blood cells for the delivery of nucleic acid. This drug delivery platform is the foundation for her start-up company, Carmine Therapeutics. Dr. Le received the L’Oreal Singapore for Women in Science National fellowship, the Jane Coffin Childs fellowship, the Falling Wall Venture award, and most recently the Graduate Mentor of the Year (GRAMAY) award. She is currently a deputy editor of Journal of Extracellular Biology and an associate editor of Journal of Extracellular Vesicles.

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