Therapeutic Nucleic acid delivery using extracellular vesicles

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13 Oct
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About the Session

  1. We have shown that red blood cell extracellular vesicles (RBCEVs) are the ideal carriers for therapeutic RNAs and they can be produced in a large quantity.
  2. Here, we describe some new development in nucleic acid loading and surface modification of RBCEVs.
  3. First, we describe the delivery of immunomodulatory RNAs (immRNAs) that acts as RIG-I agonists. Intratumoral administration of immRNA in RBCEVs significantly suppressed tumor growth of mammary breast cancer, and induced immune cell infiltration and tumor cell apoptosis mediated by RIG-I activation, turning the ‘cold’ tumors ‘hot’.
  4. Second, we will present some new data on plasmid delivery using RBCEVs via intrathecal injection for Herceptin expression with a potential for brain metastasis treatment.
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