Tan Wee Kiat

Tan Wee Kiat

TAN Wee Kiat, Ph.D., is the Chief Operating Officer in CytoMed Therapeutics Limited; an A*STAR spin-off, Singapore. CytoMed Therapeutics possess a R&D laboratory in Singapore and a PIC/S cGMP manufacturing facility in Johor, Malaysia to support the manufacturing needs of the company. Prior to joining CytoMed Therapeutics, he was involved in another biotechnology company and was responsible for process mapping and development for cell-based immunotherapy. He received his Ph.D from National University of Singapore (NUS) and his research focused on cell-based cancer immunotherapeutics using a wide variety of immune cells including Natural Killer cells, gamma delta (γδ) T cells, dendritic cells and CAR- γδ T cells.

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