Novel CD7-CAR T and CAR-γδT cell therapies exhibited encouraging pre-clinical and clinical efficacy for T cell malignancies

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12 Oct
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About the Session

           1.      The development of CAR-T cell therapy for T-cell-derived malignant tumors is relatively lagging behind due to multiple technical and clinical obstacles.

           2.     Through innovative research and development, PersonGen successfully developed the world's first IND approved autologous CD7 CAR-T for malignant T cell tumors, and has achieved excellent performance in clinical trials.

           3.     In addition, a fully closed automation manufacturing platform has been established for CD7-CAR-T.

           4.     In order to overcome some challenges with autologous CD7 CAR-T, an allogenic CD7-CAR-T is also being developed and exhibited promising pre-clinical efficacy.

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