Challenges in manufacturing natural killer (NK) cells for allogeneic immune cell therapies targeting solid tumors

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13 Oct
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About the Session

  1. I will discuss challenges related to NK manufacturing for immune cell therapy for solid tumors, and the proposed solutions by my team and others to tackle these bottlenecks.
  2. Challenges: poor anti-tumor cytotoxic function after patient infusion, lack of in vivo persistence, poor transduction efficiency, heterogenous expression of CAR-targeting antigens, manufacturing-related issues and feeder cell regulatory issues.
  3. Proposed solutions: introduction of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) into NK cells, choosing a tumor antigen which shows either disrupted cellular compartmentalization or ectopic expression in various solid tumors, optimal culture media for NK cell expansion, engineering of novel feeder cell lines. Preliminary data will be shared during the talk.
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