Advancing Cell Therapy for Retinal Diseases

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12 Oct
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13:10 pm
13:50 pm

About the Session

1. Streamlined generation of standard retinal cell products (i.e., retinal pigment epithelial [RPE] and retinal photoreceptor precursors [RPP] cells)

2. Established transplantation procedure and demonstrated safety in large-eyed animal models (rabbits and non-human primates).

3. Unravelled the fate of transplanted stem cell derived RPE using cutting-edge single-cell RNA-seq technology.

4. Focussing on developing unique next generation stem cell products (i.e., hypo-immunogenic) for allogeneic retinal cell therapy.

5. Localized and systemic immunogenicity assessment of these hypo-immunogenic derivatives using humanized mice (reconstituted fully functional human immune system).

6. Evaluation of feasibility, efficacy, and immunologic in pre-clinical rabbits and non-human primate models

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